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Awesome game can’t put it down so glad I downloaded it

App is Frozen

My app has been frozen all day long. I won 18M Coins, the app has been frozen ever since and I cannot collect my coins. Please help!

Moon active developer is a disappointment

My app has been frozen for two days right after my second attack bonus and it has not been working since I’m deleting it frm my phone ASAP!!! Waste of time and rip off

Good game but

My has been Frozen for 3 1/2 days now don’t know what to do I’m on a great Level I love the game Help please

Been good til it froze!!

I’ve been playing this game for a while and last night it froze when I was trying to collect my 6m coins!! I tried deleting and reinstalling the game and still nothing!! Everyone’s destroying my village and stole my coins and I can’t do anything about it because the game is still frozen!!!! So unfair and stupid !! It lets you get into the game and shows all the pop ups but will not let you click on anything to start playing !

The shieldssss!!!!!!!!!! The SHIELDS

It’s a REALLY GOOD GAME BUT THE SHIELDS ITS REALLY HARD TO GET THE SHIELDS PLEASE WORK ON THAT And make it to where you can give chords out if you’re done with other levels

Game is frozen

Won 9M and game froze. Can’t push any of the buttons for over a day. Tried reinstalling it and contacting support.

My game has froze

My game has froze. I have have tried deleting the app and turning off my phone. The game shows my level but will not let me spin. How can this be fixed?


My game is frozen too..i restart it and its still frozen😡😡😡😡

It’s so fun at first! Till you realize GOLD CARDS,

don’t ever come! I can’t tell you the amount of people and accounts on sm that I hear saying the same thing! Even if u try buying chests, U just get the same ones u have! Nothing new! They are EXPENSIVE! And you’d think w all the sm help you’d be able to play happily, not so much! It’s ALL SCAMS TO GET UR CLICKS! The game would be so much funner if the admins paid more attention to what the players are saying. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of this! Too many “issues”. They aren’t fixing any of them. Emails are only auto response. Don’t start, won’t get stuck!

Now all my levels are gone !

So games been frozen for days, I decide to uninstall and reinstall and have lost everything and they want me to start over, I was too far to start over 🤨 so for everyone’s game that has been frozen for days try and wait it out to see if they fix cause you will lose everything!! And I’m not starting over too bad I really liked this game🙁


Why every time the ad is over it takes me to the App Store or goes to my web browser

Love it

Love this game. So addictive!

You use stole my 50 coins I purchased

I want my coins


Game is frozen I can’t collect my money or my spins I’m getting attacked n I can’t defend my village

Fun and addicting game!

This game is fun because it actually moves forward and is doable to achieve the levels, unlike other games which take forever and interest fades.

Frozen game !

I have been playing this game and loving it! Last night I tried to collect my 18 million coins and the game froze! I’m so mad people have been able to steal my money and attack me, which is totally unfair. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, that didn’t help at all. Please fix this game and reward me more spins or coins to rebuild what got destroyed!


I also got this game because of another game that indicated if I got to level four I would receive a bunch of Corinth. After achieving devil three and only two items to complete to get to the level for the game froze. It stayed froze for two days until I Uninstall then reinstall it. I. I figured the game would read my IPA and restore me to where I originally was but no it started me all over. I had just decided to start purchasing some items because the game is addicting and I was having fun. I am glad this occurred before I went that route, I may be uninstalling the app completely and I am thinking coin star is questionable as I have a couple of apps. Two stars are for the gameplay experience.


Love playing this game can be frustrating at times you work so hard toward a village just to have if tore down I have not been able to enjoy the event going on because my game had been froze all day it is definitely a challenge but if you are looking to play this game to relieve stress and relax don’t download this app if you are a very patient determined person this game is for you

I like

Sooo fun!

Good game

Nice game to kill some time


It’s a really fun and addicting game BUT on the events my boyfriend who has a android and I have a iPhone, he can do the 5x and and I can’t go no higher than 3x and my village is higher than his. He can match the attacks and raids mine only matches the single or bag of coins and once in a blue moon it does one attack or raid. I can’t ever upgrade my village anymore bc I can’t afford it bc the game doesn’t let me get much coins!!! My app is updated so this issue is really annoying!!!

Worst game ever

First the game has too many pop ups, the game is always freezing causing you to lose coins and spins, it always says lost connection, there are no incentives for you to want to keep spending your money on this game I am really disappointed I’ve been playing for months and the game seems to be getting worse I wish they would fix issues before starting new events

Love it

No problems so far. Nice distraction. A lot of fun.


Very fun to past time.


My game is frozen I can’t get past the update, why do I always have to update?


This is my go-to game! I play it 24/7 no matter where I am at!!! Its so addicting and awesome!!!

Frozen game

Very unhappy as my game is completely frozen! Can’t spin. Can’t collect my bonus coins. Can’t do anything!


Worked fine for a while then it freezes. Will load fine and go through all the splash screens and then you can’t select anything or collect anything but that doesn’t hinder others from raiding or attacking. Don’t expect lengthy game play with this app.


Enjoyed the game at first bu5 all it does is freeze constantly have to delete the game and getting way to expensive for things


My kids and I really love this game and we play all the time, however this new update (the golden age) pop up won’t allow us to play until we update. At this tine I’m unable to update due to my apple account being temporarily frozen. We’re really frustrated that we are able to ole until we update. Can you fix the pop up so we can play until we are able to update??

Coin master

I just started playing this game. I got hooked! Love it playing against friends and getting my alerts. I just can’t seem to put this game down! Thank you, L. Long

Spending too much money

I enjoy playing the game but I have to watch how much I spend so I end the game and then go back later when I get the coins


I’ve been playing this game along time. Only game I’ve spent actual money on to play. The game has gotten annoying too long between free spins. Ballon frenzy 290 spins and only two balloons. During attack or raid games I get attacked and raided more then I get to attack and raid. I. The beginning the spins where good I do the x3 and spun 100 times this morning and only one 550,000 points that gets you nothing. I get on your Facebook for trading and all these people do is screw you take your cards then attack you nothing in return. Fix the game or let me know there is nothing your gonna do and I’ll spend my money elsewhere

Worse customer support ever !!!

I have been playing for a few weeks and experienced several glitches in the game when I submitted a request for help I got this email: Hello, Thank you for contacting Coin Master! Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. We are currently experiencing more service requests than normal so please expect a slightly longer delay in our response times If you have any more information that would be helpful in solving your request please send it in a reply to this email. Otherwise, you can just wait for one of our representatives to get back to you. In the meantime, feel free to look at our Help Centerto learn about other great aspects of the game! Your patience is greatly appreciated. Regards, Coin Master Team To this day I have submitted several follow up emails with screen shots with absolutely no further comment or support from the “coin master team”. Yes the game is fun until your account locks or the rewards don’t work like they should. Honestly don’t waste your time find a game where customer support means something other than crap !!!

Hell yeah

This game is awesome

Gud game

It’s fun

You lose no matter what

This game is ridiculous! If you don’t spend money to get ahead, you are constantly being raided and attacked and lose your village. So, either way, you lose money or your village. Seriously, what are the algorithms that allow someone to be constantly raided or attacked? There needs to be another way to earn shields. You can do 50+ spins and never earn a shield... so it really makes no difference how many coins you earn or what you buy for your village, because there is no way to defend it. The only way yo get ahead consistently in the game is to spend money and play constantly.

Better Work

I’m playing this game to get the reward for a supposed it free iPhone. I will post again if it actually works when I get to Village three. I am going to play to Village three

I love this game

This game is fun and I love it

Down time

Fun and easy. Kills Time at work!!

Don’t bother

Unless you feel like playing a rigged game that will just constantly aggravate you don’t waste your time downloading.

Fun app

Good app no strategy needed. Fun

Not bad

Should try for a bit fun for killing time

Coin master

Best game ever

Freezes a lot

The game has frozen on me 3 times only been playing for about a week. Every time I have to delete the game and reinstall in order to unfreeze. So downgrading to 3 stars now game would not connect to my internet on WiFi or data so I had to delete and re download for the 4th time.update this game is getting on my nerves it keeps freezing and have to uninstall and re install constantly.

No help from support team!

I have been trying to get someone to email me back about an issue I have been having and now I have written 4 times to support and never received an answer. I spent a lot of money on this game and I wish someone could please contact me and help me with my problems that I have been having. I really love the game but the glitches have gotten in the way of my prizes and spins. Can someone please help?! I have sent multiple emails and no one will give me credits I lost or the card that I lost to complete my set!

Aggressive Money-Grabbing Garbage

This isn’t actually a game in that there is no real strategy to it. It’s slots with constant and regular attempts to get you to pay for coins and spins. Early on they give you a lot of coins and spins for free so you can play free for about 10 minutes or so a day.


I really liked playing this game for awhile. Until the game decides that it doesn’t want me to advance anymore. I have not been able to complete a level in over a week. This game is ridiculous. It never gives the cards you need. You only get so many spins. I used over a hundred spins and got no raids and no attacks. I have been rebuilding the same items on the same board for over a week. I quit. Coin master, you need to stop putting so many roadblocks on this game.

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