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Absolutely Abysmal and Intellectually Insulting

Flashy graphics and upbeat music attempt to distract you from a game entirely devoid of any real gameplay or mechanics. A mindnumbingly simple P2W incremental slot game favoring users who shell out money to feed their mediocre studio.


This Game Is Amazing ! I Truly Love It, But Lately I Haven’t Been Able 2 Play For Some Reason. Everytime I Go Play It Won’t Load Up To The Part Where I Hit The Button To Play. Soo Frustrating. Been Going On For More Than 1 Month, Who Knows Maybe Longer. PLEASE FIX ASAP !

Not bad for what it is

If you like slot machine games this is the least overly complicated one I’ve tried yet. Downloaded for Tapjoy reward. Interface and game are both very straight forward with pleasant art direction and clear objectives. The game is simple. Spin the wheel, win coins, use the coins to complete a collection, and steal other players coins/damage their collection. Rinse and repeat. Just be prepared to be badgered mercilessly to BUY BUY BUY every single time your spins run out.

Coin masters

Is the best game



Pop up hell

Game would be good but the constant pop ups to by more spins takes the fun out of playing. Got to level 3 but can’t take it anymore...will be deleted today


Very addictive and really fun to play!!

Nice game

Play this game everyday

Addictive game. Obviously algorithm designed to make you spend huge $

I’ve played this game almost daily for over 3 months. Spent hundreds of dollars. First: the price of higher level villages makes it impossible to advance without spending considerable $... Second, the lack of free spin wins and shields is obviously by design. Statistically impossible to not get shield or a free spin in 300 spins.... buy more spins and suddenly they pop up.... The card collection is a joke. I’m level 46 and still haven’t been able to complete a card collection in over 6 weeks. Bought 15 magical chests, dozens of gold chests, and at least 75 wooden chests. The previous reviews response of “just level up” is ridiculous and clearly by someone who hasn’t played for a prolonged period of time.. The raids are rigged. Doesn’t matter where you dig. I raid my GF and my sons villages, they are notified their $ is gone before I even click the second spot to dig!!! The $ amount shown stolen on their screens is exactly what I eventually get! Tweaking by developer is obviously needed... Overall a very fun game but some problems need fixing!

I love this game

Need more spins and less time to get refresh and more cards per chest.

Super addicting

This game has taken up so much of my time because it is so much fun.

Greatest Game

I Enjoy playing this game very much

Card block

I enjoy the game except for the card issues. After purchasing 30 magical chests all I get are repeats.




This game is simply THE BEST! At first, I thought it was boring. Then, I slowly figured out how to play and now I’m addicted and play it EVERYDAY!:)

Fun fun fun

Best addictive game ever love the community that plays here..

Love it

Absolutely love this game can’t stop playing it fun and keeps you on your toes


You can’t get anywhere people just keep taking your coins it’s legit crap I can’t even finished a stupid offer for tapjoy on it Don’t waste your time it’s stupid and pointless and most of the time you get crap on the slot machine and what money you do save up for upgrades it’s stolen so easy in big amounts


I didn’t like this game at all I was boring and took to long I wasn’t unstressed at all

Coin master

This is a great game. If you enjoy these types of games that it’s definitely the one for you. You can start off a little difficult if you’re not too sure how to play but once you get the basics it’s a very enjoyable game.

Awesome game

Wow! I installed this game about a month ago, and I just can’t get enough!! I am so Addicted, and it is so much Fun!!😁 Thank You for such a Challenging, Exciting, and Fun game!

I want to play

I try to start the game but it won’t work, it gets stuck on a loading screen

Great game

Love this gane

Love it

So fun to play

What it was , what it’s

I use to love the game and I was fallowing all pages on Facebook and all social networks but.... I just decided to stop playing because 1 as you reach new levels more expensive are and less coins you get from your regular 50 spins. 2 it take 3 months playing harder every day watching videos and buying coins to pass a level. 3 I thought my village was on every body attacking list because my village was under attacking every time that I re-build certain times and the seña with stealing from other gamer in an incredible way, 4 more money and coins I spend less new cards I get I pass like 4 village without a new card ( the regular ones the rarest and gold ones....) As a game I understood it needs to have harder levels and difficulties, but it’s still an entertaining game not a game that make you frustrated and mad and instead of entertaining and having fun.. if you want a good good game to relax and spend your time this definitely not working at all

Coin master

Love this game


I’ve paid for stuff and still doest help .... I can’t get any further bc I’m being raided constantly and attacked . The shields are CRAP they don’t do anything. So I give up I’m not wasting ANYmore money on this game. 30 bucks is way more than enough. Deleted .

Problems opening app

I can't open my app😡😡😡

Plz fix it

I keep getting kicked out of my game so very frustrated and when I get kicked out I lose my spins

Facebook is dead🤨

What if you don't got Facebook. 😑 And you wanna play with friends. That's a dumb idea. The game could be good. Just have other options besides Facebook to play with friends🧐😒

Great to play with the entire family

This game is so much fun and highly addictive. It’s something I can play with my 9 and 11 year old sons bc I’m not into Minecraft or Fortnite. It also teaches cause and effect and frustration tolerance! 😂

Awesome game.

Very addictive but fun.

This game is driving me crazy

When I first found this through another game offer, it wasn’t too bad. Even though it’s a blatant endorsement of gambling, I overlooked it for how easy it was to get past the first two levels. Now I’ve nearly completed three, and I’m stuck. I can’t get shields or enough gold to finish it, however, even with 20-30 chances. Before I can get to 1 million, I have to fix another item or I’ve lost shields and someone has stolen my gold. This game is now driving me crazy. Idk if I’ll even be able to complete the offer that brought me here in the first place. And of course, the offers or constantly popping up. I’m not here to pay you money to support a gambling habit that doesn’t even offer real money. Paying for this game is worse than gambling.

Not happy

I changed my previous 5 star review, too many glitches in this game! I got my husband to join and it seems everytime I get attacked or raided, he does as well from the same people! Doesn’t make sense! Now today I try to Send my husband cards and he doesn’t even show up on my friends list! My parents aren’t on my friends list either after I convinced them to play! If I can’t play with my family I don’t want to play anymore!

Really unique game

I really love this game because it’s so different from others. But my luck is not that good but other wise the game is one of my favorites.


Love this game! Keep Awesome!

Love this

I play every day I get my friends to can’t stop playing it is very addicting


Very fun social game. Wish rewards were larger.

Fun, fun, fun.

Totally addicted! Morning! Noon! Night! I’m on pins and needles when I can’t get Shields. It’s definitely a game of chance. 😂

Coin master

Great game, love all the help you’re able to get from others!


Very fun

Great Game

I really enjoy this game! Its by far one of my favorite games and would recommend my friends to play.But the only complain is that I was raided some one who had 30 million and it was times 3 and I didn’t get any of the money but other than that one time everything is good!


Love it

My Fav😍💋

When I’m bored coin master always does the trick thank you so much for creating a game that’s just as entertaining as it was when I first started! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

Love Love Love!!!

I LOVE this game!!! It's my all time favorite!!! I have abandoned most of my other games because all I wanna do is play this one!!! 100% my FAVORITE game!!!!

Coin master

I am addicted !!!

Great game.

Really enjoy this game a lot. Just wish it was easier to earn pet food and more spins.


This is the best game and my favorite game I’ve played! Addicting, it can make u mad and glad lol at the same time but I love and enjoy this game!! And I’m still learning about it.

Awesome game!!

Absolutely the most fun I’ve had playing any of the many games I have installed. It keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next set of spins!!! Awesome, awesome game!! Thank you coin master!!

Nice Game

Increase More Spin per Hour 5 Spin is not enough.

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