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Omg 😍😍

I like so much


Good game..should offer more free spins and shields more options more everything

Stupid game

Fun at first 🤗 you get absolutely nothing -game is a joke - enter your email and get free coins, spins etc - never happens - I connected support about free daily gifts, they said they are still working on it so it’s fair for all that play - been playing for 2 months and spent to much money 💰 deleting this mindless game


It is a time waster and super fun

Fun game

I like the game. I dislike only getting 3 shields. There should be a shed or just more slots. I also don’t like getting “no coins” with the hammer but it’s ok. It’s a nice mindless game to keep my fingers busy while at meetings for work, lectures or watching TV.

Needs work

Fun game, but takes way to long to advance. You don’t get enough coins to build, chests are far and few, you should be able to keep more than 3 shields and an hour for 5 spins is way to long


I only obtain money through the slot machine in the sky? Why? What's the point of building a village and upgrading it if they don't do anything fundamental? I'm only playing this game to receive free currency in another game. TapJoy has a lot of crappy offers. Once I complete village 2, I should receive my free currency. If I don't, I'll be angry. If I receive my currency before then, I'll leave a better review. Until then, this game is ridiculous. What's the point? How can I have fun when all I can do is play on a slot machine and attack other people, when the slot machine allows me by the way?

Good way to occupy time

I like this game


It is a fun game but they try way to hard to get your money. You have the wait ages for spins which means you really only get to play for like 3 min a day total. There is not a lot to it a kindergartener would be able to understand how it works and how to win. It’s a total pay to win game. Like I said it’s fun but developers need to cut down the wait time for spins or give more spins than 5 every 45 min.

Multiplier Doesn’t Work

Multiplier not working for shields & extra spins. I feel ripped off. Costs too much to be able to get anywhere in the game.

Not all coin wins get accepted in your account

I’ve played this game for about a month now. The game has been ok, but I started to notice some of the winnings wouldn’t go into my coin stash. I emailed support and 2 weeks has passed with no response and problem is still here. Please respond to my email giving you a chance before I uninstall Updated: still no response from coin master people. Yet again I still played this time I bid 6x and got a perfect raid which would have gave me 16 mil and I got back to spin and I only had 7mil. Don’t waste your time on this game. Rip off!!!!!!!

Great game

Very fun to play

It deserves 5 stars but...(update)

I Have been playing the game for a little while now and today there seems to be some major glitches going on. Not really sure why when I put my bet up to times 4, it’s not giving me 4 shields, it only gave me 1 when the spinner landed on shields. Also it’s not giving me all of my money that I am spinning for. The attacks are giving me 50,00 when it should be way higher than that!!! Someone, anyone, please look into this issue and correct it please because I really love playing this game especially with my husband! I would hate to have to delete it because the game is cheating me of my winnings. Also, the spinner landed on three extra spins and instead of it giving me 40 spins since my bet was at 4, it only gave me 10. Please fix!!

I like it but ugh

I love the game but it’s hella irritating when I buy coins and fix my village up only for people to damage it why can’t the shields multiply like the spins do

Messing up and losing money!

I am playing the times 6 bet and I am only get everything time 1. Twice now I was supposed to have over 6M coins and didn’t get them from raiding. This is only reason I quit playing.

Millions of coins gone

It started off good but I just won over 25 million coins from using x6 and didn’t receive any of them. I’m not happy.

Something is wrong

Playing the game today and everything suppose to be x6 but the earning amounts are lower I normally do x3 everyday and the coins are much higher even if something one village is shield u would get at least 250,00 coins x3 here with x6 and a village shield it’s only paying 50,000

This game seems to be getting increasingly annoying.

At first the game was fun but lately I have spent weeks trying to complete a level. As if that in itself wasn’t bad enough this morning I had a 5x bet and raided someone with a little more than 19 million coins with my pet fed and ended up winning over 99 million. Needless to say I was happy until my balance only reflected 24 million coins. I only wish I had screenshots of this. More than likely I will be deleting this game because it taking forever to reload spins and move up was bad enough but this is the last straw for me.

Why place the big bets

Placed bets at x5 and x6 used that many spins but never got any of the multiplier in my score should have scored over 1,000,000 in one spin after a perfect raid instead I just get the single score, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact you about it.

Needs work

I love playing this game but I think after you complete a building it should not be able to be destroyed or you buildings can only be destroyed once while you are away just kinda annoying when your gone for 4-5 hours and you come back to almost all your buildings destroyed

Too many attacks

The number of attacks is ridiculous. I get attacked at least every two hours. There’s no way to purchase shields and the number of coins needed to rebuild is outrageous. I’m done with the app.

Fun at first but....

This game was fun at first but now it’s horribly glitchy and I’m really starting to pay attention to things like my 5 spins that are suppose to happen every hour or so that magically have more time added to them. Same thing for the daily spin, I checked and it said I had 7 hours left before my next free spin (3 a.m.) I woke up at 11 a.m. and checked it said I still had 4 hours left?!? Yeah total rip off. The game has gotten to where it forces you to buy coins and spins (which I won’t purchase) before for days before it finally glitches you to the next island. I find myself getting raid 5-6 times a day but if my funds are low I won’t get raided at all?!? I really like this game at first but now it’s just becoming a nuisance. Deleting soon if they don’t shape up!

Games additive ”BUT”

I'm not going to play this game until I get my coins! If someone in the developing side can plz award me my coins that I won on a 2X I won 3,200? X2 = 6,400. Plz that a look at it!!!!....

Good game, but impossible

I’ve enjoyed playing this game, but honestly, you cant get anywhere without the in game purchases, which are way over priced. They either need to ease up and give us those endorphin hits, or lower their prices! 🙄

Good game but

Three days without shields is ridiculous. I found by buying the 1.99 dollar spins twice that surprise surprise I get three shields. All I’m doing is rebuilding what gets destroyed for three days now. Not one improvement. Don’t have time or patience anymore for greedy head games. Every “app” game is the same BS.


Fun game to take time off your day,good job guys making this game

Sadly Frustrated

Have been enjoying the game but three days haven’t been able to get it to open... hopefully will get fixed soon or will have to delete.



Good app

I don’t normally do reviews but this app was enjoyable at the opening, kept me entertained unlike other apps and their openings. For what it’s worth I’d give this app 5 starts no hesitation.

Fun, Fun,Fun

Enjoy the game

Fun is Gone ... Need Shields

Like many others, I only got this game to get diamonds for another game. It was fun at first, if not particularly challenging. But I will be deleting the game soon, unless some changes happen quickly. We should be able to keep shields earned, like coins and spins. As frequently as your “program” allows me to be attacked, only serious players who stay active will be able to stay at least slightly ahead. As you increase in levels and things cost more, you should get more spins per hour. And increase the maximum as well. First to 60, then 70, etc. If you actually played your own game, think about things that would make you want to continue playing. Going backwards doesn’t make you want to play. It makes you want to delete the game and never download anything else from MoonActive.

Coin master

I love coin Master it’s the best game ever I need to start playing and get the top money in the game so I’m on the snowy part the Christmas part it’s so cool I’m just starting to I hope you got is writing in this review 🙏🏽

Awesome Game

I love attacking other people’s villages and building and protecting my own!! Awesome concept!! Too much fun!!


Good time to kill a few minutes here and their.

Great Game!

At first I thought this game was kind of boring but as I played it more I realized how fun it actually is. It’s great to take breaks when you need to wait for more spins and it’s not that long really.

good game

cool one

Do not waste your time

As others have stated, the game starts off ok, but as you progress the game is a waste of time. 5 spins per hour is a joke. After every round of spins you are constantly hit with pop-ups to purchase more spins. I would not spend 1 penny on this game. As the levels go up so do the coins needed to complete your village. You work all day to try and complete your village only to have it destroyed by others attacking it. You have no control over who attacks. As in most wheel spin games, it is set to only give free spins occassionaly. I had 150 spins and still was not able to get enough coins to complete my village which was more than half finished! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!


Great app. It’s so much fun to play.


Love the app makes you want to get on more and more

Just learning

I really love this game:)


Awesomeness❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just love this game, it is so addictive and freaking awesome!! I’m making lots of new friends!!! Thanks you Coin Master you have a great game!!



I love it

I wish energy would come back g faster

Please change back

I love this game an an a loyal player but with the recent changes you have made i will only give one star. Please change back to the way it was. I know I am not alone in this. Everyone of my cm friends feel the same way. Please change back so I can give a better rating


I loved this game at first but it has been 2 days since I could get a shield and that’s ridiculous. And why do I have to wait an hour for 5 Spins that so nothing. Just ridiculous And I don’t need a pop up each time I run out of spins I know I can give you money to buy spins but no thanks.


It’s a great time killer and fun to raid other players

Its ok

It’s ok 🤷🏿‍♂️

Biased gamble? Or random gamble?

I've been playing this game pretty religiously. However, since yesterday, it's been more than 24 hours the slot machine failed to give me a shield. What's the point of playing a game if you can't protect your own village from attacks? You earn coins, build your village, someone will attack in a beautiful way if you don't have shield. And not getting a shield after even playing for more than 24 hours is ridiculous. Note to Developers : You need to enhance your algorithm to calculate the time, till how long the person is deprived of a certain item.


Odd but kinda fun

1 step forward 3 steps back

If life gets busy and I can’t get on my village is destroy and that’s not the problem, the problem is that my progress is also taken down. Something I’ve finished is now at step 1 again and you guys don’t make it easy to get good spins, kind of annoying.

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