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Addicting as hell

Doesn’t work

This is a very addictive game! I had made a mistake in my original review, but still think, I should have received a reply.

Functions fine but gets boring

I downloaded this as part of a deal with another app to get a bonus on SpinToWin but quickly became bored First off there’s no turbo mode for the reels which gets tedious Second there’s like no options for anything Just spin, build, spin, build. I thought building a village would maybe get some sort of product or benefit from what buildings I built but no they’re just boring decorations The art is cute and all and yeah it functions but there’s nothing to do. I also feel mean whenever it makes me attack another village.

Like it


Coin master

Never played this coolest game of my life. I won 400 spins for attending their competition. So now I believe coin master will see my review and I can able to win 500 spins. This game is just absolutely crushing best game of my life.

Can’t see current event

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but when I sigh. In through Facebook I am stuck, I can’t see the jackpot event, it will let me spin more than three times but I don’t get all my coins I have screenshots!!! I play this Game everyday and this is extremely frustrating!!! Please help!!!


They advertise on other apps, promising rewards, then don't give them. I tried to do this and they wouldn't let me submit




Great game


I deleted the app after trying to creat a profile and none of the avatars represented my ethnicity, thanks but no thanks


Enjoy playing


This application has a bad bug that needs an update ASAP. As soon as I launch this app, my iPhone X literally burns up. My phone becomes so hot I have to take it out of the case to cool down. As soon as I force close the application my phone begins to return to normal temperature. Makes me scared to use this app.

Love it but...

I love this game, however as I’m playing one of the competitions or whatever you wanna call it, it stated that you had to get 8 attacks to get the 12 million. Well I put my bet up to times 3, had 6 attacks already. I finally get my attack and it went up to 9, so therefore I should have gotten my 12 millions coins but didn’t. How can I get my coins that worked hard for?

Boring and Racist

I can’t imagine playing past the first couple levels as there’s not really anything to do. I also made the mistake of scrolling through the map to check out what other levels there were and not only do the settings get super weird some of them seem totally racist. Yuck.



Too expensive

The in app purchases are too expensive.


I was not expecting to love this game so much and figured I would delete it eventually. I was wrong.

Coin Master

“I think you did a great job on your game .Who ever invented this game really think you did awesome job on coin master.have a great day 🤗😀


It’s fun but there is a lot of a levels and know it’s cool just to spend your coin to get to them


The game is interesting at first but it’s repetitive so it get boring.

Fun app

More fun then a bowl full of monkeys!!


I love this game and can’t wait for spins to refill! I never have issues with the game or system.

Ok then boring

Getting bored

Great game very additive recommend to get it


Great waste of time

👍 fun but gets tiring waiting for spins.


Oops downloaded this game and now I’m addicted ! Log in daily all the time ! So much fun and I also oops spent real money a few times ! Why is it so addicting ?

Was great at first...

Cool game and very addicting for the first 3 levels then after that you guys make it near impossible to complete a level without spending lots of real money. Deleted the game had enough.

Hate the cards!!!

The cards doesn’t do anything for this game. Hate them, especially during raid bonus. The chest is stupid, hate them!!!

Fun fun fun

My boyfriend got me to download game, I was reluctant at first but so glad I did.. 😃now we battle to keep ahead of one another in the villages... raids and attacks, attacks and raids.. more spins could put me further ahead.. shhhhh don’t tell him I said that.🙈🙉🙊

Could Be Better

You would think a game that has gotten as much advertisement as this game has... Would give u more opportunities to get more spins. U don’t get very many spins to begin with. 7 is not even enough to teach u the game. Then 50 for logging in to ur Facebook account is really a slap in the face. They make it sound like they r really doing u a favor by giving u the 50 spins (for logging in).


Good for people with no time to play games or kids

This App Has One Purpose Only

This apps only purpose is to separate you from your money. The only way to ever progress past the 3rd level is to spend money and lots of it. You would think with the amount of ads you could do better. Another greedy developer has struck!


It’s a good game to challenge your friends and a good game to play while your bored




Best game ever


This game is very unfair and I agree with what everyone else has said....I gave it a good try but now I'm deleting....I'll check back in a later part of the year to see if it has changed if not it stays deleted


Kids love it


This game is fun but it gets a little boring after a little while because you have to wait one whole HOUR just to get five spins! This game is fun when your spins are fully restore but I check in on it and it’s 10 spins It Is Fun It is fun to raid people and attack and to build your village so I recommend it . It is a fun game just those little things good game

I’m so tired of this game

I just bought 6000000 coins and somebody stole it before I could even use it


So much fun

Worst game

I call this a game loosely, it’s not really even much of a game, it’s just basically an awful slot machine mechanic, followed by random chance stupidity. How this has more than a 1.5 star rating baffles me

Coin master

This game is a great app it keeps you hooked. I'm playing every day!


It’s a good concept but it’s becoming increasingly hard to get shields to protect your village. It’s aggravating that you keep spinning all day and get no shields but get attacked all day long


Coin Master is by far one of the best games I have had & experienced. It does get challenging at time but it always keeps you surprised. This is actually a game that if something happened to whence i had to start all over. I would lol! Thanks for the creation on this app.


This game is boring and stupid.

Coin Master

Fun game I really enjoy a lot.


This game is addicting at first but after a while it’s just repetitive it’s also annoying you get 50 spins then you wait like 8 hours and get 50 more. You also only have a max of 50 spins and the time your not playing your losing turns so what I’m sayin is you should be able to upgrade the max spins. Sorry... Just wanted to rant. But in conclusion it’s an original idea and okay.

My son loves it

It keeps him entertained and it’s not hard to play. Great for a three year old

Super fun

This game is super fun and super good I love it

My review

This game is honestly so addicting and fun, I feel like I could play it al day, I’ve been playing for 2 weeks and I’m on Village 4. I love hesitating over whether or not I’m going to end up getting a raid piggy or if I’m gonna get coins or an attack, it’s nice! Love this

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