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Run Away. Don’t get sucked into this game.

Is it fun? Yes. It it addicting? Yes. Is it expensive? YES. Starts off slow but builds up. Grants you some nice wins in the beginning, but As you get further, it’s gets really hard to build and maintain your villages to proceed, and the only real way to succeed is to spend more and more money. This game has all the nasty addictions that come with gambling at a real casino. Best advice, don’t install this game. And if you have it, UNINSTALL IT. You have been warned.

Gold cards. Yes

I agree with other the review 100%. I just deleted the game cause of hacker stop me from going forward. No big spins now matches at all. No raids. Not shields. No nothing for like almost a week. So I’m done. Facebook really screw that game up. Letting hacker take over. So maybe playing as a guess is best. Start over. If that don’t work by. And I was on village 29. I think it is the India village. The hackers

Awesome game

I really enjoy this Game !!

Not great

Fun at first, but gets boring real quick. Only way to keep advancing is by spending $ on the game, which is what the developers are hoping for. Spins take too long to regenerate. Can’t amass enough coins in 50 spins to ever advance your village. Only way to ever advance is by either spending $ as I mentioned, or via the daily wheel, but apparently it’s stuck on 50k. Lost its appeal after just a couple days.


I haven’t had shields in weeks. It’s useless trying to complete a village.

Whoops slowly consumed my life

May or may not be slightly addicted to this game??

So dumb

Terrible game, if you like playing slots idk, but this game is just dumb


That’s it. It’s a fun game. Kind of no point, but then again, that’s the point of these games.... entertainment.


Literally worst game ever. I downloaded it as part of a promotion in another game to get free coins if I reach level three. I couldn’t make it. The game was so repetitive and horrible I couldn’t keep going. The game mechanics are a dumb slot machine, and basically you are constantly put in a situation where you need to spend money to advance. Horrible game, this game is crime against humanity.

I love it

I have 30mill coins


Love the game yes sometimes i buy spins but win a-lot and love the free rewards y'all post on face book Thanks


This game is fun!I play three four times a day!Trying to get higher than my sister!!!!

Worth playing

Fun nonstop action

I agree with “Gold Cards” review....

...and many others. I think I’m done playing as well. I’m also at a stand still. Cant make enough gold coin to pay to upkeep the village in 50 spins. Daily wheel spin has become useless as well. Half the time the videos don't work or I don't receive the credit for watching it. Once I get a small stash of gold coin and wait for another 10 hrs for 50 more spins, I've been raided and start from square one. Whats the gold stars for? I will not spend real money on game money so it seems its time for me to move on. While this may be a game, the gold coin win amount vs the upkeep amount is impossible. And again the daily wheel spin is often less than watching a video. Btw thanks for the disclaimer that you are not responsible for video credits, nice way to pass the problem off with no resolution.

Good game

Hi good game


I have been playing this game of a few weeks now. And I love the game!! I said the game was addictive because when I started playing I thought I hate the game. Then after a while I played it I began to love it. Now I can’t stop playing Coin Master!!!!!


It’s fun b/c you get no palm the time !



I❤️this game 😍

I❤️this game 😍

Good game, just needs a few improvements

I really like this game but there needs to be a way to protect yourself from raids. Also, make it to where you can have more than 3 shields at once to protect from attacks. Also, it would be nice to be able to accumulate 100 spins.

Very Rude

The game starts off fun. Then it gets ridiculous. You have to spend tons of mo eu to get anywhere. When someone attacks your village it or steels your coins the game sends a message demanding you get revenge “ Jane Doe attacked your village get revenge now!”

Complacated at first

So I heard about coin master and so my mom talked me into downloading this game so I did and it’s so entertaining so it’s fun the part I don’t really like is that we need more chances of getting a raid to steel some ones money like hats the whole point of the games is to Raid people and be a coin master.



Waste of your time

Don’t get sucked into playing this game. It is fun in the beginning but once you start moving up the levels the cost to upgrade your pieces goes up a lot. While you’re in the middle of playing to get your money people constantly take your coins. It will just frustrate you. I’m deleting this game.


Naw naw naw naw naw

Great app

Great app

Absolute Crap

Good luck getting anywhere without paying. This game is strictly designed for people to spend there money on.(if your an idiot) This game is pointless, no structure to it at all. I could have coded this game when I was 10 years old playing with c++. Don’t waste your time.


Love the game


Up in the higher levels literally spent 1.2 billion On chests and got no new cards. This game is rigged. Loved playing it but this is bull.

Gold Cards !

How and why’s it so hard to get these gold cards ? I have spent money and lots of coin and still no gold cards . This was a fun game when I started it. But now I’m going to stop

Coin master

I love coin master especially when I win a RAID!

Sooooo Amazing

I’m so addicted and so is my family! I love this game! Once you play you don’t want to stop.

Not Even a Game

Starting out harsh, I don’t understand how any of these reviews are positive for this “game”. It barely qualifies as a game to my standards. All you do is spin a slot machine that generates 5 spins/hour to get gold that you then use to upgrade your village. However, the amount of gold that you get is so minuscule that it takes an unnecessarily large amount of time to finish even a single village. You think “Oh I get to start with a bunch of spins, awesome!” But you then use all of those spins and do all the upgrades to your village that are possible with the amount of gold earned. For me, that was about 4 upgrades (which do absolutely nothing other than get you closer to the next village). I then decided to connect to my Facebook account for the free rewards. Got the bonus gold, did my free 50 spins, still didn’t have enough to even finish the first village, and mind you, there are 150 of them as I write this review! I can’t fathom how long it would take just to get through enough to unlock more of the game! Moving on: Raiding. I imagined a Clash of Clans-esque style of attacking someone else’s village and stealing some of their loot. Nope, not even close. You get to see their village, what they’ve built, where they are, how much they’ve been attacked lately (portrayed by the smoking buildings). You then choose one of the buildings to “raid” and you take gold from it. That’s it. Another luck based “game” (if you can even call it that) that may or may not have the same outcome regardless of your choice. TL;DR: It’s a shot machine game that manages to be slower and less rewarding than any other I’ve ever seen. No substance, no actual gameplay, nothing. If you’re thinking about downloading, just find an actual slot machine game. I promise you’ll have more fun with that than this.

Too long to refill spins.

At first I loved this game but after a week I am just tired of it. It takes way too long to refresh your spins and the only way to do it faster is to (guess what) spend money. You have a pet that helps you but (guess what) you have to buy treats to feed him. Sorry but I am getting rid of this game because it is just a money pit. I have officially deleted this game and I will never get a game made by this again


I just started playing this game today and I haven’t put it down. I love it. HOWEVER, after reading some of the other reviews I totally get it dudes. No wonder I can never finish a game all the way through (well a few) without it becoming ridiculously difficult. So difficult that you can’t win unless you’re a genus or either you spend an assload of money to advance. So my review for this game is as follows: To the developer/developers; Please make a creditable name for yourself and don’t be like all the rest. I see how some people want to “trick” you into spending money! That should be illegal. Are you not making enough money already? Those bible thumpers say that greed is a sin. Even though I’m atheist I think enough is enough ! Don’t be like that. ✌️♥️😊

Fun but frustrating

The game is fun but gets frustrating because you are playing a game with the hopes to acquire cards to complete sets but it never happens! Frustrating what does it take to get the golden card. Just the quirks of the game are frustrating. I may deleting it because you spend money and get minimal spins or just have to spend tons to get any enjoyment.

Annoying pop ups

If you’re not connected to Facebook, this game will be super annoying for you. Once you’re out of spins you get about 4 pop ups each time, telling you to connect to Facebook. There isn’t a way to disable it, I’ve tried and it’s getting really annoying. The game itself is okay to play, it’s fun but I’m considering uninstalling if those pop ups aren’t fixed.


Coin Master Will Not Let Me Send Spins Cards Or Coins & Won’t Let Me Invite Anyone 🤬🤬🤬

Funny game

I’m not sure if I know what I am doing but I’m having fun! I don’t like getting revenge by hitting an animal so I try not to go after them.


I love this game but i think it’s ridiculous that i have to wait more than an hour to get just 5 spins like really come on.

Delete it.

I gave this game so many chances to be better. But the higher you go the more the fun just gets sucked out. It’s a mean game and the only way to progress is the aggressive buy, buy, buy schemes thy push. Stay away. Or pay, pay, pay. Don’t bother.

Good game


Free spin and coins

Coin master I learn more about your game the more I play it sure is challenging but the rewards are great keep up the good work coin master your game is awesome 👏

Consumers beware!! App is a total scam!

So I won $140 million coins after doing 30 attacks. When I tried collecting my coins the app froze. So not only can I not collect my prize I am loosing additional coins and my village is being attacked! Of course nothing can be done because the game freezes. I emailed the developers through the App Store. I receive a response to send a message through the app itself. Well geniuses don’t you think I would’ve done so?? And don’t tell me to uninstall and restart, yada, yada!! I took my phone to my IT department and they assured me it’s done purposely so you loose everything. These developers do this to make money off of the app!! So there you have it ladies and gents!! They did suggest I contact Apple and definitely report it, due to their internal issues (scam) I lost money. They will investigate the issue. This is a follow up to my review above! The app magically unfroze after the special coin event was over and I was unable to collect the 140mil coins I won.. I have sent 4 emails to the developers thus far. I was also informed by the attorneys I work with that this is actually fraud!!

Tapjoy scam

The reason why it’s only one star is cause I completed a tapjoy offer for iGunPro it was complete village four on coin master I did and coin master told tapjoy that I never downloaded the app so I never got my reward tell me if I never got the app how am I POSTING A REVIEW

Game is amazing and kinda relaxing to me

I really think this game is good whenever I’m bored coin master always does the thing I’m happy to have this App


It is fun

Jeremy Robersion

Overall I have to say I completely love the game. I have had a couple technical issues, but coin master support has compensated me for the issues. I would highly recommend everyone to at least give it a try. You won’t be disappointed


This game starts out really fun to where you want to spend your money to get higher in the game but the higher you get the more coins it cost . less Shields that you get to protect your village. End it takes so long to just get five free spins. Before you can get any shield to protect your village somebody is already damaged it then you got to start over with higher Coins to fix it . This is a game that will get on your last nerve. Starts out relaxing and ends up terrible.

Coin Master

I love Coin Master. The raid is on.

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